Self Love and acceptance, Healthy Relationships, Spirit-Life Balance or Balance your energy and your life, how to cope (add check marks)


Are you feeling stuck and anxious about your life and relationships?  

Not reaching your full potential?

Painting a pretty picture to show the world you've got it together when inside you feel like a mess, confused about what to do next?

Have you been struggling to see yourself  in a new light and keep falling back into your old patterns...

Running in circles to figure out how to embrace your spiritual point of view without disrupting the life you’ve built?

Are you so full that you can only dream about the space to feel free to breathe and expand? 




I hear you loud and clear... 

It's hard to be firmly in both worlds of spirit and human because the light shows you EVERYTHING. Who you are, who you aren't, who you want to be and how hard it is to get there... but there is a way to make it easier. 

This 5 week class will teach you life skills, energy balancing, and how to safely explore the mystery that reveals the real truth about yourself. 

It can be scary to see your Self, I know.

You don't have to worry because I'll also show you how to evaluate and monitor your process of light and dark. You'll start to understand how it's really a divine dance that you can master no matter what stage you are at. 

Before you know it, you'll feel like you've finally come home.

How does that sound? 

5 Weeks to Freedom 

Worksheets, Group Meetings, FB Group Support, Meditation, Energy Healing

The Sections:

Self Love, etc... ( The things from the big white sheet)