Zuyapa Life Activation Healer

I have a practical approach to Spirituality, a Spiritual approach to life and a heart centered approach with You.

I help people and organizations maximize their potential by getting clear on their value, restructuring their core energy and creating more dynamic flow with heart centered ease. 

As an energy healer, transformational coach, and writer, I focus on metaphysical healing, guiding transformation with deep listening and intuitive insight, and leading women into the safe spaces of their heart so that they can expand into the love, success, and freedom of their dreams.

Meeting you at any stage of the journey is my aim. From healing the physical body, to balancing the energy and emotions, creating new supportive patterns and behaviors, consciously creating your life of choice, to harnessing universal the tools of manifesting a life mission. 

Drawing on the dynamic experiences of living abroad, a corporate career, work as a model, actress and TV Host, I understand the process and challenge of reevaluating your life path and the healing involved with making new choices that are more in-line with your true self.  

My own journey of healing and discovering my true purpose began around 2002 and was catalyzed in 2005 when I faced with the choice of staying on track with a burgeoning corporate career or turning over taking a bold leap to South Africa. I took it. That leap of faith saved me from being on the ground during Hurricane Katrina and carried me to the most transformational year of her life. 

After moving to NYC I faced an unexpected health crisis and the ending of a deeply felt karmic relationship.  In the process of healing my body I realized that my soul needed healing, too. Naturally energy would flow through my hands, my intuition heightened, and people began seeking me out for help.

I chose to go further and sought teachers who have helped me to cultivate my power and harness into a way to help move the world forward.

I’ve been initiated into Rose Magic, the Lineage of King Salomon, and Celtic Shamanism. I am a certified Reiki Master and Life Activation Practitioner.

My professional background is in Psychology, Spanish, Human Resources and Organization Development.

When I look at a person or situation, I see the heart of it. The essence. That objectivity offers a mirror for them to see it, too and the courage to take the steps to get there .

I live in New York City while serving clients across the world with the beauty of modern technology, quantum physics and airplanes.

When not working you can find me writing poetry, singing and running by @wildwishkit business.  

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