Mastering the push-pull effect of stress

Do you ever feel stressed when you least expect it?  How do you handle it?

Here’s a story about what happened to me last week, stress, and what I call a push-pull effect.

I woke up that morning pretty excited to get my day going. I was going to wrap up some outstanding admin (legal) stuff and knock out the last module of the meditation program I’ve been creating…I was going to push. 

Then, something I just knew had been taken care of, apparently hadn’t and I have no way of proving my side. 

Bam! Just like that, my bright and shiny day turned dark and dare I say, stressful. It's going to take me 3x the effort to right this wrong. 

It always amazes me how quickly stress can stress me out ;)

Still I kept going and did as much as much as I could. Pushing

Honestly, I feel stress fairly regularly. However, I've learned that when I'm stressed its more like the pressure to expand...and I'm determined to continue expanding in my life, my spiritual growth and in my business(es). 

So once I was done with as much as I could (watching the situation get worse by the minute) I decided to be easy with myself, to go out, get some sun and go for a run. I wanted, no I needed to sweat it out. 

When I got outside it hit me to go to a place I haven't been this summer. The river. When I got there I turned left instead of my usual right. I wasn’t thinking too much about it. I was feeling a pull and it felt like allowing myself to expand in subtle yet important ways.

New patterns. 

New routes. 

New ways of being. 

Shake up the old to be new. 

I let the pull push me to what's waiting...the perfect little cozy spot that I didn't know existed.

Then I spent just enough time soaking myself in the sun light meditating to the sounds of a guy playing a trumpet on the pier. No need to run. I pulled back instead of pushing myself even harder.

Remembering that under the rays of light, there is no-thing wrong in my life

under the rays of light, there is no-thing wrong in my life (1).jpg

Then later that night….this happened:  

A friend of mine has been having a hard time recently and we were messaging about it the other night.

Well we talked first, then messaged to follow up on how she was doing.

She said she'd recognized her patterns of, what I've been calling, push-pull. Then said it was how she functioned up until now.

I told her "its great to recognize patterns... and it may be your pattern for years to come. There's always benefits in there, too. So the work is getting more present and safe in the process."

As I was going to bed after telling facebook all about my stress push-pull I remembered my conversation with her.

Then I thought about my stress patterns.

I actually thrive on the pressure. I perform under pressure. Always have.

Sure, I can get things done without it but if the pressure is there, I'm the person you want in the exit row.

Car veering off a cliff, I can take control from the passenger seat. (Real story, a version of this happened).

The thing is, what I'm stressed about it is usually not the actual problem. It's really more of a looking glass into what I should be paying attention to...yesterday included.  

I’m a problem solver. So when stress about my life or some other thing I’ve got cooking pushes me to my max, it then pulls me to a creative (intuitive) solution. 

When I come out on the other side, I know that I’ve broken down one more wall and laid one more plank for a stronger foundation.

Do you have a push-pull pattern that you can think of? What’s the benefit of it? I’d love to know and  knowing just might help you to navigate it the next time it comes around. 


We all deal with stress and challenging situations. Please share this if it may help someone you know. 

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