Make your resolutions stick!

Now that we are in that abyss of ending the year and starting anew, let me ask you something. What’s your position on new year’s resolutions? 

I was talking to my friend Vivian about this one year and she said, the word resolution means to resolve. It doesn’t mean commit.

That really stuck with me because when people talk about new year’s resolutions they talk about what they are going to commit to. They never really say what they are willing to let go of but that's what has to happen if you're going to effectively start something new.

If you are going to create something new, you need space for it to come in and make a home. You’ve got to make space where the old thing was. 

The tricky part about doing or being something new is that it really starts with letting go; what need, desire, wound or emotional baggage was creating the situation in the first place. Can you let it go? 

Maybe a good resolution is to resolve to be honest with yourself about what you're really ready to let go of and welcome in. Then see what shows up. 

You don't have to have the answers and make plans with any particular time lines. That's social pressure. 

Being true to yourself is finding your own rhythm and dancing to that beat. 

So when you are ready for something new in your life, whenever you're ready for it,  reflect, be mindful and see what's ready to change. Where are you ready to leave something behind and create something new? Then resolve to do it and what's left in that space is room for you to choose something new that's more inline with the person you are ready to be.

Be brave and bold about it! 

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