Everything wrong is all right...

I recently posted a question of facebook because I was curious about how people felt about Lost Love and unrequited Love.

I wondered which people thought was worse.  

The overwhelming response was that it was worse to experience Love that never was because the sense of longing and never knowing is harder.  I agree.  

As I think back on my life, I tend to think more about the things I never tried. The loves of life that I didn’t go for. The crushes I’ve had, the art class I wanted to take, the college I didn’t choose, the bodywork modality I almost signed up for.

I wonder how much differently my life would be now. I think it’s a natural thing to contemplate.   Still, it’s not fun to think about.  

It’s led me to wonder how can we minimize love that never was while living a life that believes we deserve all the love there is. It’s not like we can avoid missing out. We can’t do everything we want and we won’t experience all that we want to experience.  Unless there’s major advancements in cloning or virtual reality soon.   In the meantime, what can we do?    

How can we be not only satisfied but thrilled and engaged in the people, things and experiences that we feel drawn to?   How can we go headfirst into life, without the fear of what if? I think that’s faith.   Or the hesitation of is this right? I think that’s discernment.   And while avoiding the idea that there’s time to do it later? That’s being present in the now.   How do we live this way everyday and in all ways?  

There’s rejection to contend with. There’s failure to surmount. There’s responsibility to be dealt with. There’s money and time to be spent to gain it.   All while keeping our eyes and hearts on the prizes just within reach.  

We don’t live in a bubble. Even if it might feel like it sometimes. There’s social pressure, family stuff, cultural norms and the trap of comparing our lives to someone else’s.    What’s the answer?  

Just keep doing it. Recognize that all of life is the process.   We will let ourselves down sometimes and there won’t always be a reason for it.   We will miss out on some things because the elements didn’t line up.   Some love will never be because it takes two and one of you won’t ready.  

And that’s ok. I think.