Softening into Power

I've been exploring a new concept for me: softness

@mikaelabradburyHas talked about this a lot but as experience is the best teacher, it wasn't until I began to experience it myself did I truly come to understand it.

What is IT, exactly? It's the power of softness. The feeling of grace when pure beauty is flowing through my soul. 

It's the effortless way my life is more magical than ever before simply because I've relaxed into the feminine flow vs my masculine fire. 

I still have a solid to-do list, a business to build and run, a home to manage, friends and family to connect with, love to make, creative projects and a 3 year plan. (Nope, not 5... Ask me why if you want to know about that.) 

But I also have grace. And the essence of Grace has shifted me from stress and confusion about how to "get it all done" to envisioning, believing, taking empowered actions and receiving. 

Where I used to feel overwhelmed, I now meditate and get clear. 

Where I used to freeze, I breathe deeply to create flow.

Where I used to hesitate, I remember that I am a creator Goddess and by the power given to me through my Initiation into the lineage of King Solomon I, and all of my endeavors are in the Light and at my will, manifestable.

I am really enjoying this expanded and truer way of being. It feels like, dare I say, surrender....

My wish for you: Let beauty be your guide as you embrace the power in softness this week. Explore the spots and moments where you feel tightness and breathe into a knowing that there is another way. The way of Grace and beauty within the light of God and Goddess.




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