The key to Relationships

Every single day I see something or talk to someone who reminds me that it's so easy to get lost in the maze of the mind and forget about the kingdom of the Soul and Spirit.

The individual aspects of the life we live and the lives that we WANT to live all come back to the core of the Soul.

Starting with honest and open recognition of your Soul and Spirit is key to inner joy, harmonious relationships and a life with purpose.

It's a divine dance. Your Soul in step with your Life. The sway back and forth of which one leads is all a natural rhythm. And learning to work in that flow is a secret to self-love and self-acceptance.

Even and especially when you think you're dealing with everyday life and love issues.

It all comes back to your relationship with your Self. When you understand yourself, your motivations, your needs, your desires you can then get clearer on why you do what you, have more compassion for yourself. The result is you lighten up on other people. 

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