Meet the Goddess of Spring

Have you ever heard of Ostara?

I didn’t know about Ostara at all until recently but there’s something about her archetype that I want to share with you.

Ostara, is the Goddess of Spring Equinox but also closely connected, if not one with, Easter. Easter itself, whether or not you celebrate it, has archetypal significance.  Ēostre, the springtime celebration of death and rebirth and Ostara the transition of winter ( the dying out of some aspect of nature) and Spring the (rebirth of nature) can be seen as one and the same.

So RIGHT NOW while the spring soil is ripe for you to plant the seeds of your own creation. Here’s what I want you to know. 

Ostara’s Archetype is the Maiden. She represents the purity and innocence that lives in you. The place of your Soul’s dreams, magic, and the wonder of first light. 

Here’s the catch, everything has an opposite and the maiden also has a shadow maiden side to her. You'd recognize her as a self-obsessed girl on the cusp of womanhood. Her dreams and her energy all go toward achieving her own personal needs and goals.

Ironically, the shadow side is where Ostara is able to show us her magic. It's where the dark is able to receive the light. 

The tale is told that as a girl on the cusp of womanhood, she was wrapped up in some fascination of her own and was late. Now, as the Goddess of Spring being late has consequences! She nearly caused the death of a young bird. But in her magic and grace, she transforms the bird into a rabbit without hesitation or the
blink of an eye. 

The Soul of the bird lives on and the fertile rabbit brings even more life with it. 


I love that this archetype flows with the essence of imperfection, making amends when you mess up and it never being too late to start over and reinvent yourself or something in your life.

Because, let's be honest,  sometimes you mess things up. For example, you don't give a project or a relationship the attention it needs. Or you get wrapped up in your own needs and desires forgetting that the world needs your unique gifts, too. What happens? Something you were responsible for, cared about or really wanted could come end.

As Ostara teaches us, we have the magic to recreate and to give new life. 

So whether it's by neglect or conscious choice when something is no longer working for you take a look at what aspects of it are ready to die out like a winter's night. While a new day is in gestation, hold the image of what you want for your future and when the ground is ripe and the sun is high plant the seeds and let that dream be reborn. 

Your efforts, your goals, your dreams, your business, your relationships, your Self. It's all energy and energy never dies. It is only released from its form and created again as something new. 

Use the lesson of the Shadow Maiden to look at whether your dreams and aspirations are satisfying your own whims in a selfish way. Look at how it's affecting your life and in that reflection, decide if that's what you really want. You always have the power to choose what is best suited to your highest purpose and the evolution of the world.

Because you and your special magic matter.  

Happy Planting! 




I've always had an innate connection with archetypes, womanhood and the themes of our lives. When it comes to Goddesses, historical information on deities and their modern day associations I am as discerning as possible about what I share. Many of them are aspects of the same Goddess being represented by different cultures and different phases in time. Not to mention so much “information” on the internet and social media is just not accurate.

I say this to say. Always do your own research if any of it interests you. This work is about what the Goddess' archetype represents and the lessons we can use to enrich our lives. 

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