Breathing into your

life force

A very loving and well-meaning woman once told me that I should hold my stomach in. So I did...for decades. Until I realized how this well-intentioned advice from woman to young girl had cut me off from my power and created issues within my body and my energy and those issues were keeping me stuck. 

In these videos I share with you what I've learned about this, how to break the cycle and what can flourish when you are in your flow.

I invite you to enjoy them.

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Please note: I reference women in these videos because they were created to counteract a specific experience I had in my life. And they were filmed rather spontaneously without preparation or forethought. They are however, relevant for anyone and everyone. 


Part 1

Part 1 in a series of videos about the way to increase your life force and flow with proper breathing.


Part 2

Letting go and increasing your capacity to create in life.


PArt 3

The final video is about grounding into and embodying your flow, your force, and your power.