Are you being held back from fully expressing yourself because of negative energy and emotional cords with other people or places?  Are attachments   from your past or unhealthy relationships draining you and affecting you in your current life? 

Past Lovers...Family...Teachers...Co-Workers...Clients....Your children

Having chords of energy with people in your life is natural and normal. It becomes a problem when the it causes a drain on your energy and mind. 

How do you know: 

  • Find yourself unable to control how much you think about a person?
  • Doing and feeling things that you don't want to?
  • Feeling a drain on your energy?
  • Feeling tied or "connected" to someone that you want to let go of?
  • Ready for a new healthy relationship but can't get your current or ex out of your head?
  • Feel chaotic around some people?

You don’t have to live this way. You’ve got enough of your own stuff to deal with! You don’t need any one else’s.

Imagine if you could free to move on with your life without feeling drawn, pulled or attached to someone who you don’t want to be attached to.

What if you could cut the cord?

Could you be more free to love and nurture yourself without worrying what someone else thinks. Is it possible that you could love and care for the same person even more if you could be in relationship with them from the heart and not from the energetic chord? 

Can you see yourself more free to be you? More free to Love and be Loved?

Being in relationship with another person, no matter if it’s family, friend, co-worker or lover comes with attachments. They don’t go away. Cutting emotional chords is simply about breaking the chain that compels you to react from emotion instead of an empowered place of self love. 

No one else and no unnecessary emotion should determine how you feel and act on a daily basis. It’s your life and your right to choose how to live it. 

Is it time for you to cut some chords? The benefits are priceless. You'll feel the weight lifted from your shoulders. 

Cost $200 

“Zuyapa performed a chord cutting for me about a month ago to help me transition from a very significant long-term relationship. To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical that a phone ceremony could make any dent in the thick entanglement and confusion I had found myself in. Since the ceremony, I have had a graceful and sweet departure from the man I once loved and now I am beginning to love and appreciate him in a different way. The chord cutting wasn’t dramatic or even obvious overnight, but its unfoldment in my life since the ceremony is irrefutable.”
— Sylvie, Denver

I had hit a wall in a relationship that was not serving me anymore but I just could not let go of. I no longer wanted to feel this obligation to feed the pattern with this person. When Zuyapa performed the cord cutting the effects were extremely powerful and immediate. I was able to process and see the relationship without attachment and move forward in a way I wasn’t able to through my own efforts. Each time Zuyapa has done this for me I have experienced a transition immediately after from the other person as well, which helped in my own movement in letting go.
— Jacqui Kemp, San Juan, Puerto Rico