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THe Goddess Way

A circle of women 

Soft Power             Self Love              Healing Community              Full Expression

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Goddess Way Women's Circles are led by Zuyapa Jackson and co-created by each woman present.  

Each circle is an opportunity to dive into the mystery, the glory and the truth of womanhood through the study of archetypes, embodied awareness, self love and the mysteries in our silence moments.

Together, we are bridging the myth between the idea of woman and the truth of our joy, pain and personal power  to bring a new embodied beauty back within our hearts and into our lives. 

Are you ready to feel and express your full essence with unapologetic self-love and respect even when dealing with the demands of life, love and career?

Join our community of growth, presence, support in healing and the light of the Goddess.  

Become the woman you admire without changing the woman that you are. In the reflection and grace of your sisters, you will give, receive and share with support and compassion. 


The tools 

Meditation, Guided Visualization, Topic Talks, Exploring Archetypes and Goddesses, Vocal Energetics, Subtle Body Movement, Loving Touch, Safe Sharing and more. 

The takeaways 

Sisterhood, lighter hearts, relaxation, expansive awareness, tools to cope with life, clarity and vision for your life, cleaner relationships with women and men, your own Goddess Manifesto, special gifts and more...  

The details

Cycle membership includes 8 circles per season, roughly 2 circles per month. (Attendance is encouraged to foster a safe space for sharing and communing in the journey. It is not mandatory.) 

Spring 2017 Circle Dates: 


Weekday Circles are from 7-9PM

Weekend Circles are from 1-3:30 PM with a little extra time for light snacks casual relaxation to windown.

March 12, 29th

April 12, 30

May 31st

June 11, 29

July 12

Summer and Fall dates will be posted soon

Location: Manhattan, Upper West Side ( address provided to participants)

Circle Membership is $180 and includes 8 circles meetings. Attendance at each circle is not required but encouraged so that we all progress through the circles together in sisterhood...

Start on any date and stay for the next 8 circles. Additional dates past July will be added on a rolling basis. 


Membership Rates and Dates have been updated so that I can best serve everyone and create an environment that we will all love with snack, giveaways and a nurturing environent 🌹

Circle Capacity is 25 women.

1st time Members investment $180 per cycle  & Returning Members $115 per cycle. 

A limited # of scholarships are available. Contact me for info. 

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