A workshop of crossing your shadows to get to self love and acceptance

A guided pilgrimage to your sacred center

In this work you will walk the path of opposites to uncover the hidden gems in your patterns and experiences. I'll guide you to uncover the secret of balance in your light and shadow aspects. You'll be able to see more clearly and learn to discern if a trait or behavior is good or bad, how to work with the process of transformation, and how to be compassionate and self loving at every step of the way.  

This is powerful and gentle guided journey into self love and self acceptance. 

During the Work

  • Redefine your perspective on good and bad aspects of yourself

  • Get clear on your motivations and needs

  • Create the transformation you need to move forward in your life

  • Explore being stuck and the process to get back in your flow

Your Takeaways

  • A roadmap for self love

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and other people

  • A process to use anytime and anywhere

  • Reclaim your authentic self

The work will include any combination of worksheets, compassionate conversation, writing exercises, reflection, meditation, and energy healing.

Offered 1:1 and in group settings. In person and through virtual video calls. 

1:1 > $200

1:1 with healing session > $350 ( 2-2.5 hours)

In group setting >> range of $55- $75