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The Goddess Way :: A Playshop for Women

The Goddess Way ::

A playshop for women to unfold and reveal the essence of their beauty.

A 3 hour tour of feminine force in 3 parts

In this playshop (because work should be like play) we are bridging the Myth between Goddess and real womanhood.

What is the Goddess energy and what does it mean for your day to day life?

How can you embody your confidence, inner wisdom, and beautiful spirit?

What is your unique soul signature and how can you live it every day?

Participants will learn more about how to understand themselves on a deeper level practice valuing themselves above all else and especially while dealing with the demands of life, love and career.

They’ll learn about archetypes, how they can identify themes in their lives, and how to embody their own full essence with unapologetic self-love and respect. All while in a nurturing and supportive community of other women.

Changing is about becoming that woman you most admire.

Part I - The Myth

Part II- The Woman

Part III- The Body

Straight Talk, High Energy, Embodied Awareness and Passionate Presence...all so that you find your rhythm, your power and the magic of being a woman.

Your investment: early bird special $35 pre-register online before 7 days in advance or $45 at the door.

During the Workshop ::

Redefine your relationship with your womanhood

Explore the layers of Self Love, Self Awareness, Self Mastery

Recreate your relationship with other women in your life

Learn things to do to manage your energy and stay in your flow

Establish a new relationship with your body

Gain clarity and focus on who you truly are and your life path

Design an everyday life filled with integrity and authenticity

Create a lifestyle of embodied awareness and strength

Shift your perspective on self love and relationships

Learn to recognize and work with the roles you take on in life


Your Takeaways ::

Heightened Self Love, Respect and Awareness

Your Goddess manifesto

Heal your heart

Sisterhood and Sacred relationship with other women

Reclaim your rhythm, power and passion

Clearer sense of purpose

Confidence in your thoughts, feelings and desires

Deeper connection with the Glory of your womanhood

A deeper understanding of Goddesses


The Elements::

The 3-hour gathering will include any combination of guided meditation, group discussion, reflection, teachings, writing exercise, vocal exercises, and gentle body movement. Snacks and drinks will be served.

Investment:: $35 dollars payable to :

Mission Statement:

The Goddess Way’s mission is to create a portal for people to evolve personally, spiritually, and in love. Evolution happens with awareness, compassion, support and energetic alchemy. The history of the Goddess, through archetype and how she has lived through women throughout time holds a space for all people to be reborn into power. The Goddess way is a way of living life, healing your heart and walking the path of Light within your own experience of womanhood.

This event is designed to provide a space and an energy to access the Goddess codes within each participant, to practice and receive tools to integrate into daily life and to inspire each person to heal their hidden goddess’ heart so that she is free to unfold and reveal herself.

About Zuyapa ::

Zuyapa is an energy healer, spiritual life mentor, and meditation teacher helping people to reclaim and embody the essence of their Soul. She helps her clients to experience more freedom in life, more love in the hearts more vitality and restful nights, career success and healthy harmonious relationships. They learn new ways of experiencing radical self love, self respect and appreciation for themselves and others.

Using lineage based energetic techniques while providing tools and resources for daily living her clients receive the healing and support needed for a whole life of success and confidence in any situation.

She is an Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon, an Initiated Celtic Shaman, a 2nd Step Ritual Master.

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