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New Moon Celebration ::  Seeding Intentions

Sacred Sisterhood Celebration


New Moon Celebration ::  Seeding Intentions

The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is a beautiful opportunity to bring our wishes and goals into manifestation with 30 days of celestial support and creative power. 

This August, gather with like-hearted women to connect deeper with your inspiration, to work through a process and plan for your manifestation to come forth and to actually plant your wish!

Join Zuyapa and Sasha for a for an evening of meditation, vision mapping and action planning for the month ahead. 

Each participant will receive a Wild Wish Kit (value $35) to participate in the practice of planting the seeds of what they will create. 
Snacks and Elixirs will be served! 

About your Hosts::

Zuyapa Jackson :: Creator and Maker of Wild Wish Kits

Zuyapa is an energy healer, spiritual life mentor, and meditation teacher helping people to reclaim and embody the essence of their Soul. She helps her clients to experience more freedom in life, more love in the hearts more vitality and restful nights, career success and healthy harmonious relationships. They learn new ways of experiencing radical self love, self respect and appreciation for themselves and others.

Using lineage based energetic techniques while providing tools and resources for daily living, her clients receive the healing and support needed for a whole life of success and confidence in any situation.

She is an aerial yogi, New Orleans native, an Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon, an Initiated Celtic Shaman, a 2nd Step Ritual Master.


Sasha Siem :: A world renowned musician, singer and teacher. As a healer and coach, Sasha helps people to find their power through their voice, to create better relationships with money and wealth and she leads women and mothers into the essence of their womb wisdom.

She is a Mom, a Brit, an Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon, an Initiated Celtic Shaman, and a 1st Step Ritual Master

- 21 August 2017