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Women's Group

Women's Group returns with a new monthly format. We are exploring, healing and rewriting the stories of us, our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors. 2018 Women's Group is Healing the Mother Wound and transforming the Wounds of your Heart.

Our first group meeting is March, 17th. Admission is rolling. Learn more and signup here.

The greatest mystery is hidden in the place that's hardest to peer into. The deep cave of your heart. It is a gateway to an unseen world.

Sadly so many beautiful hearts are saddled with burdens that are not theirs to bare. The pains of our mothers, the history of grandmothers, the energy of family patterns.

Instead of living robust and bountiful lives of creativity and passion, women are living lives inside of the ideals placed by society and hustle, struggling through the deeper pains of what it has meant to be a woman in this world, suffocating behind a mask that so graciously hides how you really feel. 

Your individual truth hidden inside of a myth, hinted at through archetypes, and desiring to be seen felt and heard through a version of your womanhood that has not been put through the wringer. 

It is no secret that the tide is changing and now more than ever there is an opportunity to heal your wounded heart and love yourself fiercely, to relate to other women in a way like never before, to experience the relationships you crave, and to be the catalyst that changes the tide for the generations who will come after you.

It's not just your mind. Your Soul is calling. Your Spirit is shouting and the energy of the God(dess) is demanding her time to reign after ages and ages of suppression. 

This is our time. This group is a gateway. Your heart is ready to receive the blessing.

“The Goddess unheard unwitnessed becomes a fury.”




  • Bi-Monthly Meetings , 1 in person + 1 by Zoom Conference
  • Private FB group for sharing supportive resources, prompts, videos, and more
  • Go deep into 1 topic each month
  • Homework YAY!! ;)  ...the good kind
  • Guided Meditation
  • Exercises + Prompts
  • Exploration through film, readings, art and music ....occasional
  • Group Healing appropriate

Sample Topics based:  Your soul signature, Your mother and your wounds, Secrets of Self- Love and Self-Actualization, Healthy glorious relationships, Surrendering to your sweet heart, The prism of sisterhood, Hidden Goddess and religious structure, Work and happiness, The roles women play and their archetypes, Living with Grace, Masculine Feminine polarity and balance, Self Sabotage, Co-dependence, Boundaries, Shame and Vulnerability, Not like your Mother, The key to successful ambition, Your voice, Your Body and MUCH MORE


  • a transformational experience 
  • a newfound appreciation for your mother and your matriarchal lineage
  • more self acceptance and self loving 
  • heightened compassion and empathy
  • better relationships! with women, men, family, friends and your bodega least
  • a-ha moments and wow exclamations
  • a gentle and supportive environment to heal and evolve
  • and so so so much more



  • you are ready to heal yourself
  • ready to heal your relationship with your mother
  • ready to heal your relationship with women
  • desire deep soul peace
  • you can make an effort to be responsible for your healing
  • would like to work with and through sisterhood
  • you are ready be yourself and discover more layers to who that self is
  • are ready to stop playing out generational patterns


  • you want to blame
  • do not want to be in a sisterhood
  • do not want to transform your history and your self
  • you want to stay the same

...And if you're not sure we can explore it together. Use the "Let's Talk" button below and we'll set up a free 20 minute conversation to explore. BUT if you're like, YES this feels so good to me, go ahead and hit the button below that says JOIN. I'd love to connect with you. 


The Cost of the Monthly Group Membership is based on a sliding scale. Each month you will choose your payment amount. 

$95-$150 per month

This is to make healing accessible and to support your process of going deeper with receiving 1:1 energy healing sessions in addition to being a part of this group.


This program is designed for intimacy to ensure that each woman receives attention and support. Space will be limited.  


The group will meet in person on a Saturday for 3 hours to dive into the topic and healing process.

The group will follow up with a 1- 1.5 hour call 2 weeks after. 

Spring Cycle begins March 17th, 4-7 PM in's a new moon! A great time for new beginnings ;) 

New Members are welcome to join monthly.

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