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The Key to Soft Power


I'm looking for a group of people to join a beta group for an soul pumping on-line class. Are you one of them??

Is there some area where you are stuck? Do you feel unable to really crack the code of self love or accepting the whole of yourself? Feel like you bounce back and forth between what your good qualities and the bad ones? Stuck in negative self talk that blocks your progress and keeps you stuck in repeating patterns?

If this is you, hop on this and get this experience! I will help you to bring more light and understanding into the area you choose.

Suffering and struggling are too exhausting and it's time be more lighthearted and free! If you're ready for a breakthrough that will help you to have more ease and flow in ANY area, then you're a great person to join me for this test group.

Why a beta group?

Well, a few years ago I started using a process that I call the Balance of Illumination. It was designed to show people who are on a path of spiritual exploration how to balance the opposing experiences of the Light and the Shadow. Both qualities exist everywhere.

So I started using it 1:1 with clients in session and I learned that what was actually happening was that people were learning how to truly love and accept themselves. This was pretty amazing to me because once they were able to see in this new way they were able to breeze through the same issues that were holding them back.

After running this as a group workshop in person I saw the way the interaction and the community style exploration helped to take it even deeper. Because of course, we can all learn so much from each other.

NOW, I'm taking this work online and so we are back to the point of this email.

Before I launch it as a full course (4 weeks with a much higher price) I an doing this beta group. This will be a 2 hour class where I will explain what it's all about. Lead the group through the process and help you work through your chosen block or issue.

It's important that you feel some level of investment in your experience. So, for this on-line group there is a minimal cost to join.

Comment, Message or email me to register. I'll send you call-in info. You show up open and ready and we will dive in!

When: This Sunday May 6th, 6-8PM EST
How much: sliding scale $35
Where/How: On-line with Zoom video conference