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Soft Heart, Strong Power, A Healing Space for Women to Center into Self-Love

This workshop explores the journey of evolution and growth for people aware of their Spiritual nature. On that journey you experience the light of your spirit and the shadow of your being. The question becomes; how do you manage the opposing forces in you, love yourself even when you’re stuck in a patter or behavior cycle, and learn to be ok with the unknowns in your process.

If you’re ready to break through and crack this code, this workshop is for you.

So how do you handle it? How do you stay centered and be ok with getting stuck in your shadow? And how do you keep moving and evolving when you are in your light?

This is what we will cover in this insightful and illuminating training. I’ll teach you a process to navigate it and we’ll work through some examples together live.

During the Workshop

  • Redefine your perspective on good and bad aspects of yourself

  • Get clear on why you do the things you do

  • See yourself in a new light

  • Create the transformation you need to move forward in your life

  • Explore why being stuck isn't always a bad thing

Your Takeaways

  • More Self Love and Self Acceptance

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and other people

  • Know how to get unstuck and stop feeling shame and guilt

  • Claim your authentic self

  • Get better at being compassionate

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