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Soft Heart, Strong Power: A centering space for women to heal

  • 307 west 30th street (map)

Soft Heart, Strong Power is an exploration and practice for Women in how to stay centered in your heart while living in a world that's off-balance.  Because strong power flows through a soft heart that reflects the light. 

This event is an opening for you to slip past the gates of protection surrounding your beautiful heart… to reach into the sacred purity of your Soul and reprogram the way you see yourself and relate to the world. Anchoring into your power to lead yourself from a centered space in your heart.

What are these gates? And how were they built? 

Throughout life many things harden the softness of your heart. Things you were told about yourself, experiences that left you sad and hurt, the tumultuous state of the world and it’s politics, inner child fears and wounds, disillusionment with spiritual trials, struggling to accomplish your goals. Anything that has made you feel unsafe or unsure in this world creates a barrier to protect your heart from pain.  

The catch is that this barrier doesn’t discriminate. It also blocks the light and affects your ability to fully love and accept yourself. 

In this meditative workshop event,  Zuyapa will help you to navigate these sensitive areas. You’ll have an opportunity to gracefully move through complicated issues with self love and acceptance. To practice standing in YOUR power because this is where you true POWER is. 

In soft heart work, we are peeling away the layers gracefully. Not because you have to but because when you make a home inside, they easily fall away. With each meditation, talk and gathering, you are saying yes to allowing that space to open up and ripple out for healing cracks of your wounds. 

Join us and find liberation through your perspective, your energy and your big beautiful heart.

RSVP is required. Please send any questions, comments and registration requests to

Payment can be made through venmo or zelle for returning participants and clients. Optionally, you can pay through the link below.

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