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The Goddess Way Program

For Men + Women

Throughout all of history, literature, cinema, myth and alchemical magick the presence of the Goddess is paramount to birth, rebirth and spiritual transformation. 

The Goddess Way Program is designed to bring the Goddess archetype and energy to you so that you can walk through the door to your personal alchemical process with more balance to your masculine and feminine aspects, more heart centered connection, greater flow of your spiritual and personal energy, and clarity in your personal power and relationships.

You will venture into your true self and the essence of your heart to emerge with a sense of self-mastery that emanates throughout your entire being and your life. 

The 6 modules, covered over 12 sessions include: Self- Inquiry,  Self Love, Self Seduction, Self Mystery, Self Mastery. Within the context of these modules, your program will be shaped to fit what you need to live more fully as the creator God/Goddess that you are.

Sessions can done in person or with Skype 

6 Modules/ 12 Sessions / 1.5 hours each / $2000


Break In & Breakthrough 

Feeling stuck and ready for a massive shift with focused excavation and intuitive brainstorming? 

Breakthrough weekends are crafted so that you access the hidden areas of your psyche and soul to get to a major leap in your life, business, and relationships.

Feeling the urge to step into entrepreneurship and not sure how to create a business that expresses the truth of who you are? Is it time for you to supercharge your personal brand and maximize your business potentials? Working on a project, business or book that needs the perfect name?  Going through a relationship transition that could use more clarity, integrity and grace? 

Your soul has a signature quality and from that we craft the day long or weekend strategy to get you to your goal. This is an in depth one on one session 1 follow up. 

1 day / 6 hours (with lunch and Energy Healing Session) / $ 750

2 days / 9 hours (with lunch on day 2 and Energy Healing Session on both days) / $ 1350

Contact me if you are outside of NY area or would be traveling to NY for the 1 or two day session.