Crystal Healing + Aura Healing + Akashic Records Reading

Working and healing with crystals is a privilege like no other.  

In the Mystery School tradition, Crystals are used as a connection to harnessing the healing energy of Gaia, Mother Earth.

The high frequency of the crystal is joined with Magical Rites to allow you to experience deep shifts, targeted healing and an enveloping sense of peace and calm. 

 Crystal healing can be done for the following issues: 

Empowerment – enhances general empowerment in your life

Physical – deals with physical body healing, energy flow, releases blocks

Emotional – heart healing, emotional wounds

Pure Mind – helps with meditation, concentration, focus, Buddha consciousness

Mental – helps with mental clarity and your thought process

Libido – helps with sexuality and creativity

Space Reversal – helps with clumsiness, losing things all the time, disorientation, having trouble being on earth and in your body (grounded) 

Time Enhancement – helps if you are late often, time passes too quickly, and time management

Healing Old or New Wounds -  There are wounds you’ve experienced that go far and beyond what you are consciously aware of. Yet, still they create challenges in your life. These old wounds may be ancestral, astral, emotional or existing on any level. 

Healing new wounds refers to anything that is fairly recent in your past or future. 

Good Fortune -  There comes a time when all you need is luck on your side. Need I say more? 

Akashic Records Reading - When you need clarity and support for specific challenges. When I do a reading with your Akashic Records I am accessing the wisdom and guidance meant for your Soul and you life, specifically. It is not a general psychic reading. 

Aura Healing

Your Aura is a multilayered energy sytem that surrounds your physical body and has a direct effect on how you feel, perceive, live and beahve. 

Aura healing deals with weak spots or holes that in your energy body and bringing healing and balance to them. 

An aura healing is great to combat environmental stress, emotional strain, physical tension, energy levels, and more. 

1 hour session in person, only.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records is the storehouse for the entire library of the Soul. A reading with the Akashic Records can provide insight and clarity into your life, direction, purpose and best steps. The records are always accessed for your highest good. 

In our session we will get clear on what you are seeking and formulate questions so that I can bring down the best information for you. 

1 hour session, in person only. Usually done with Crystal healing but can be arranged separately.