This session is for Manifestation and deep healing of the 7 layers of your aura. The 7 layers of your aura determine how you view, relate and respond to the world you live in. 

Feeling out of alignment, scattered or like your energy is off balance? 

Experienced trauma that has left you anxious and nervous? 

Feeling a deep desire to manifest something in your life?

Are you unsure about your next steps or how to be more purposeful in your life?

This healing will synch up your thoughts, passion, dreams, plans and actions. Often when we have been through a shock of any kind (physical, emotional, mental, psychological), our system gets out of alignment and we need some fine tuning so we can feel whole again. This is an amazing healing to support you to return to wholeness.

There are seven levels in the astral part of your existence and this session will perform a deep and profound healing on the Spirit Level, Thinker Level, Soul Level, Astral Level, Planning Level, Dreamer Level & the Action Level. Other benefits include liberation of old cell patterns, freedom of expression & creativity and a deepening of Spiritual Understanding.

After this session you should feel more whole, put together and in alignment mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. 

You may feel less energetic resistance to your goals  as if things are flowing smooth and on track. 

These seven levels of the healing help with the 4 Worlds of Manifestation and healing areas in your life where manifestation is lacking. This is a healing from ancient Sacred Geometry & Ancient Egypt. It calls upon the Family of Ra and the 7 Egyptian Deities. Ra, Geb, Nut, Isis, Osiris, Anubis. 

Investment: $225
Session length: 60-90 minutes