Mastering Self Love

An 8 Week Life Enrichment Program for your journey through self-love to self-mastery.

Expand your capacity to have a compassionate and trusting relationship with yourself, your aspirations and other people.

Are you ready to experience

  •  more balance in life and spirit

  • a smoother path to success and joy

  • less anxiety and more confidence in your choices

  • harmonious relationships with loved ones, co-workers and friends

  • more self-love and deep self acceptance  

  • tools to use when you are stuck or need help with your aspirations

If you can say Yes to anything on this list, it's time to enrich your life.  Keep reading or contact Zuyapa now.

The 5 paths of the Journey

Self Discovery 


You know that you have a Soul and that you live life as an expression of it, but what is it that you are expressing? What is you, and what is society or your family? What are the parts you left behind or never had a chance to know? 

In PART 1  you I'll guide you to  discover the attributes of your particular Soul Essence and distinguish between your truth and your mask. You'll start getting clear on why the path to your goals can be so roundabout and confusing. You will gain confidence in your actions, desires, and beliefs. 

Honestly though, it’s not all going to be pretty. But that’s a great thing! 

Here's why: Life isn't always pretty and I wouldn't lie to you and tell that it should be. This is a world of duality. 

Self Love

In PART 2  you’ll learn how to love yourself through your “faults”,  how to discern what stage of the shadow/ illumination spectrum (low vibe - high vibe) you are at, and why it’s ok to be stuck sometimes. In this section i'll share with you how to get the most of being stuck so that you can get moving again faster.

This is the key to real self acceptance and the power to not feel like you need to be fixed!

Self Seduction

Once you can love and accept yourself you will be much more at ease with how to get what you want…from yourself. 

Procrastinate much? Don’t finish what you start? Put all your attention and focus on what other people are doing when you’re still moving slowly? Learn how to hear and trust the cues from your Spirit IN PART 3, how to do the things you don't want to do and how to get what you want from yourself. 

From here, you can let the intimate secrets of self-loving lead you into your own mystery. 

Self Mystery

PART 4 tackles the roles you’re playing out in your life. You will explore how you can master your relationships with integrity, honesty and grace. I’ll walk you through the steps to create a frequency roadmap to get you through possible outcomes to your most desired goal of any kind. 

Empowered with practical ways to move through life centered in your spirit, the world really is your oyster. 

Now what can you envision for your life?

Self Mastery

Armed with a solid set of tools, PART 5 will support you in designing your life the way you wish for it to be. 

the eye of the cosmos.jpg

You’ll get clear and empowered in your motivation, open and honest with yourself about your desires, and confident and secure in understanding your relationship to the world and people around you. 

What does your Soul want to do here? What brings you the most joy? What is the great thing you can offer to the world around you? Whether it’s your family, your community, your company, your country…

There is something your Soul can help you to achieve.

Your Will can help you to create.  

Your body can help you to manifest. 

You are the Master of your Life.

Embrace it the way you envision it.

This is your invitation to take a journey with your Soul to find freedom, love and grace. 


How do you feel about having new ways of understanding yourself and the world around you? You'll journey from self awareness to true self acceptance and deeper into self love. 

Be free to know yourself better, free to love yourself more deeply,  and be free to be yourself Divinely. 

Wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like to have freedom from guilt about what you’ve done in your past, freedom from the shame and embarrassment of who you really are, freedom from the confusion of how to master life, and freedom from the fear of going deeper into your own mysterious truth? 

If you are ready to live free, Soul-fully, and empowered to be unapologetically you, contact me now to see if this life enrichment program is the right one for you. 


Not sure if this course is for you? Here are some things you may be experiencing: 

  • Are you feeling stuck and anxious about your life and relationships?

  • Not reaching your full potential?

  • Painting a pretty picture to show the world you've got it together when inside you feel sad, confused and disconnected from the happier you?

  • Have you been struggling to see yourself in a new light and keep falling back into your old patterns?

  • Running in circles to figure out how to embrace your spiritual point of view without disrupting the life you’ve built?

  • Are you so full that you can only dream about the space to feel free to breathe and expand?

I hear you loud and clear... 

It's hard to be firmly in both worlds of spirit and human because the light shows you EVERYTHING. Who you are, who you aren't, who you want to be and how hard it is to get there... but there is a way to make it easier. 

Over 8 weeks you'll gain expansive new perspectives on your life, your self, other people and  how to get what your Soul is really asking for. 

It can be scary to see your Self, I know.

You don't have to worry because I'll also show you how to evaluate and monitor your process of light and dark. You'll start to understand how it's really a divine dance that you can master no matter what stage you are at. 

Before you know it, you'll feel like you've finally come home...and home, is where your heart is.