The process of accessing your spiritual power and your soul signature involves healing and transforming your energy. To be most effective a combination of treatments are used:

Healing your imbalances, deficiencies and wounds, clearing away negative energy and increasing flow, and fine tuning your soul’s unique expression.

Individuals treatment sessions are $250. Package rates are available for 3 or more treatment sessions and include support between sessions.

Life Activation

Life Activation is the first step in turning on your power. It is deeply healing for many layers of your system, increasing your spiritual and mental power while balancing your emotions and internal system.

It bring light into your DNA, opening your physical and energetic structure to anchor in more of the light of your Soul.

This healing continues. It does not reverse or end. Additional activations help to increase your energy and light further.

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Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation is available to you after Life Activation bringing further alignment for your body, soul and spirit. It connects your internal energy for heightened intuition, clarity, and spiritual power.

Negative Energy Clearing with Cord Cutting

Having chords of energy with people in your life is natural and normal. It becomes a problem when it affects your energy and mind in a negative way.

What are some of the signs?

  • Find yourself unable to control how much you think about a person?

  • Doing and feeling things that you don't want to?

  • Feeling a drain on your energy?

  • Pain or tension between your eyes?

  • Feeling tied or "connected" to someone that you want to let go of?

  • Ready for a new healthy relationship but can't get your current or ex out of your head?

  • Feel chaotic, distressed or unnerved ?

People report a feeling of deep peace, freedom and ability to go on with their lives in healthier ways. Confidently making choices in their best interest.

Soul Retrieval

This is a very gentle and loving hermetic healing ceremony that helps you to feel whole again. It deals with reintegrating parts of your soul that have shut down because of trauma or wounding. 

If you have the feeling that something is missing, something is wrong or an emptiness, a loneliness in your life or in your spirit. This healing ceremony will help you experience a new fuller sense of being.

Especially in this time of renewals and change in the world, you need all of the light and fire of your soul to be alive and well within you. This treatment is a fantastic compliment to that process. 

Spark of Life

(Remote Healing)

This healing session is an overall rejuvenation for you body, spirit and mind. It is done remotely while you are resting comfortably or asleep and is the only healing currently available without being in person with me.

Spark of Life is a VERY high vibration healing that will fill you and your system with light so that whatever imbalance you are experiencing can change for the better, giving you more energy, vitality, healing and recovery.

Crystal Healings

Crystals are used in these healings to heighten the vibration of the spoken sacred words.

They work deeply through geometries and sound frequency for more empowered thoughts and actions, physical pains and issues, emotional wounds and problems, clarifying and purifying your mind, energizing your mind, balancing and increasing your libido for more passion, grounding for less clumsiness, spaciness, thoughtlessness, disorientation, being better at managing your time. 

Also, deep healing of old wounds through generations and dimensions, healing new wounds and for bringing good fortune into your life. 

Aura Healing

Your Aura is a multilayered energy system that surrounds your physical body and has a direct effect on how you feel, perceive, live and experience your daily life. 

Aura healing deals with weak spots or holes that in that energy system, your energy layers, and bringing healing and balance to them. 

An aura healing is great to combat environmental stress, emotional strain, physical tension, energy levels, stress and more.

Fire Soul Activation

This advanced healing brings proper balance to your inner and outer worlds activating the kundalini fire within you.

Akashic Records Reading

This style of reading offers a way for you to access your personal akashic records to get clarity and insight into anything and everything about yourself and your life

Purpose of Life Reading

This reading access a deeper layer to your Soul offering insight into the purpose of your life, particularly.

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