My work with women is something dear and special to me.


It often centers around

  • starting over

  • anxiety, stress, and overwhelm

  • sadness and loneliness

  • self-love

  • breaking free from family patterns

  • sexuality trauma

  • pregnancy/infertility related trauma

  • deep desires for relationship

  • cutting ties with ex-lovers and family

  • activists who are burnt-out

  • business women breaking barriers in the world and in themselves.

Woman, I see you and hold you dear.

Together we deconstruct the myths, archetypes and the real deal of being you. You heal. Your find a new home in your heart. You get to center. Feel your balance. Know your strength. Stepping into the glory of your truth, letting it shine for all to see.

I’m here for you.

If you’re interested in hiring me to support your healing, speak to your group/organization or facilitate a meditation/training contact me at


A poem I wrote for you

Dear Woman, 

You are an infinite sea of everything. 

How do you see yourself? 

In the reflecting eye of your days gone by? 

with eyes closed gazing inward? 

woman, you are the international mystery

every inch of your skin a puzzle of intrigue

each limb of your body a continent with neighboring shores

woman, your breath makes waves 

so speak from your depth

fear not that the boat rocks

it’s made that way

and so are you


Dear Woman, 

I see a treasure buried underneath your sands

where do you see your greatest gifts?

Stolen in the loves you’ve lost and the chances missed? 

In the magic yet to come and infinite love you have to give…and will receive

woman, you are a creator of life

your womb, your voice, your hands, your essence

your art, your business, your babies, your queendom 

woman, rule with selfless love 

vibrate from your unsullied core

fear not that the earth will shake

it’s made that way

and so are you


I honor you, I respect you, I love you. I see you. 


How do you see yourself?