Centered in the love of your artistry …Grounded in the strength of your Spirit 


In my eyes you are a divine muse. Whether your medium is acting, modeling, writing, or singing.  You are an expression of artistry. You are an inspiration, a communicator of the human spirit. Your joy and success depend on you sharing your gifts with as many people as you are destined to reach. Are you ready to reach them? It’s time to say to yourself, to the world, to the industry, “I am a Performer empowered by the grace of my Spirit”!  

How can energy healing and energetic guidance help? No matter your job or your ambitions, your energy and your consciousness are factors in your overall wellbeing, happiness and success. 

Would you like to consistently book jobs with kind and supportive people and crew? 

Notice more alignment and ease with the work that comes to you? 

Feel more confident and at ease about who you are and your x-factor? 

Enjoy more ease and flow in your relationships, self- identity and cash flow? 

Go to the next level in your performance or expression of you art? 

Feel more balanced and lighthearted? 

These are just some of the amazing benefits I and my clients have received from spiritual and energetic progression. 

Good things are no good when kept hidden. So, let me share it with you, too. 

contact me for a free consultation and to explore how this magick can help you too  

Zuyapa Jackson ,

Zuyapa Jackson has been involved in the fashion and entertainment industries in a variety of roles for over 20 years with 15 years working to create positive change in people’s lives. 

Zuyapa supports people to awaken the gifts of their Spirit and live a life aligned with inspired creative expression. True success is a lifestyle. It’s not a one way narrow street.  

When working with performers and artists to leads performers to feel & be more empowered and inspired. She uses Reiki, sound, intuitive coaching, and conscious creation techniques in private and group coaching sessions. A model, actress and singer/writer she understands the soul of the performer and potential in being an Empowered Performer. 


Zuyapa Jackson is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Meditation Teacher who has enjoyed many years of working in the entertainment industry. She can be seen in print ads, stages and TV in over 5 countries. Her core passion lies in sharing the grace and power of practical spirituality and healing through the Soul. 

She helps her clients to embrace their authentic truth so that they have clarity and confidence in their endeavors with Soul presence and purpose. The goal is Whole Life Success. She has a thriving practice in NYC working with clients in person and virtually from any location. 

Her performance industry clients can be seen on network TV, Film and Motivational Speaking Platforms. Her love of inspiring others led her to create Wild Wish Kit, an inspirational kit that empowers people to remember their creative nature and make their dreams a reality and the Masterful Meditation Program. She can be reached at and