Be Free - Chord Cutting

Be free to love who you want, play how you want, feel how you want to feel and clear in your thought and emotions.

I’ve talked a good bit about chord cuttings and it seems that people generally feel called to have this session when there is something extreme and very taxing, like a lover who’s become unhealthy and they can’t seem to move on.

That’s because as humans we are so adaptable and used to feeling so many emotions, from lust, frustration, fear, longing, and an array of other random feelings. We’re pretty used to not being in control of how we feel day to day. 

Most people don’t know that sometimes the range of thoughts and emotions you go through are the result of energy chords between you and another person. 

They're natural and not all bad but you and you alone should be in control of your energy. 

The thing is you can get them not only from lovers and intimate relationships but also from people you work with, people on the street (subway), even your family. 

It’s how we connect and relate. The problem comes when you have to deal with negativity or energy that isn’t actually yours. 

When a chord is healthy you won’t even have to think about it. You know. Feeling love, support and caring between people is a great example of the healthy aspects of connection. Annoyance, disdain, and that ugh feeling in your gut are not healthy and they bring you down. 

The biggest problem with those negative chords is that the feelings and emotions are not limited to to that one connection… so if you find yourself feeling negative, down or running mental loops and thinking random things that don’t serve you when really you want to feel at peace and like yourself, you might be experiencing an energy drain from some energy chord. 

I truly believe that chord cuttings are a gift and I receive them on a regular basis. If you want to experience the release of negativity and the flow of peace and positivity give that gift to yourself. 

Please note, the chords do not sever relationships! Anything healthy will remain.

BE Love - Meditation

I believe that you, me and everyone else deserves to be loved, to feel love, and to know love in it’s gentle and passionate way. So why am I putting it under meditation?? Well, that kind of love, the kind you really want is the love that starts from the spark of inner peace inside of you. It’s like a prism. 

Love itself is actually all around us (yeah from the movie, I love it) and when it hits you or when you want to tune into it it comes into your field, either you’ll experience it in your own life or you’ll find that you notice it around you. 

You’ve called that in.

But what’s your energy like on a daily basis? Are you peaceful and present in the moment to feel it and see it? Are you rushed, preoccupied and stressed about something or other? 

The vibe of love is neutral and unbiased. It wants to find you. It will. But then it'll have to contend with the clarity of your energy and state of mind. Then from there the quality and the consistency of how you relate to yourself, the people in your life and the messy results of interpersonal relationships will be like visible, tangible rays for all to see.

The more peace, flow and goodness you can feel inside, the more you’ll have it all around you. 

It’s all good. Just a choice. What’s yours? 

Be Alive -Life Activation

Feeling the urge to be stronger, go further and live more fully? Don’t ignore it. It’s honest and real. 

All change isn’t hard and some goals are easy to reach. But there’s some goals in life, general and specific, that are like an eternal game of hide and seek. 

The ones that are deep urges, that never go away that they are meant for you and just need to unlock something inside and give your internal system juice to make it happen … you know, the “I’ve always wanted to's…” 

It can be hard to get out of your own way sometimes because you need the help of a new energy to make real and consistent change. Why stay stuck? Now more than ever you can find a space for yourself in any way you want. 

Your DNA holds the key to your life purpose and the path. The Life Activation opens up new pathways, elements and systems that you can use to help you get to who and what you want to be.