Are you ready to unfold and reveal the true essence of your Self? 

The work we will do together will nourish you, feed you, and give you solid ground from which to bloom into your full beauty and radiance. 


It's time. Let's set your true Self free. 

Activate Your Life

The Life Activation is a great place to start your journey with me. It's an awakening, a grounding, and an enlightening that unfolds long after the session ends. 

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Group + One on one Coaching

I am your partner in your progress. Your progress is your Soul's progress. Together we work to heal and expand your Soul to enliven and invigorate your whole life. 

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Learn and practice Meditation with me to develop a solid foundation for your practice. Advanced practice adds energy and visualization. 

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Wanna talk? You can schedule a complintary 30 minute call with me. I'd love to see how I can best help you reach your goals. 

A tree is a wonderful symbol of the magic Zuyapa brings to us all. Constant, strong, rooted, vibrant and tall, she provides a safe place for spirit beings to take flight, convene, gain higher perspective. To those struggling in a lower space, Zuyapa offers a means to ascend through their challenges, and rise above their limited beliefs and patterns. Her access to higher consciousness and light energy feeds nutrients to the soil below and nourishes the whole spiritual ecosystem to sprout and produce more tall trees.

When I close my eyes I see Zuyapa as a tree with deep, far reaching roots, transcending the course of many lifetimes, traveling further beneath the soil than any man has ever traveled on the earth above. She is steady, yet flexible. Tall, but firmly rooted. Wise, but vibrant and youthful.
— Pat Concreaux, Atlanta

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