Activate your Life, Energize your Being

The Life Activation is a metaphysical healing and energetic empowerment session that activates your unique Soul Signature, heightens your connection with your Higher Self  and brings more light and direction for you to live your purpose in life while you express yourself more fully in the world around you. 

This dynamic process will take you through a ceremony of balancing and healing layers of your aura, your consciousness, heightening your senses, chakras, and more. As your 22-strand DNA receives more light your body will be more open and able to process and receive it.

That positive energy in your physical body and energy field, empowers you to maximize your potential (creative or otherwise), it can bring out talents and abilities you didn’t know you had and heighten the ones you’re already using.

You may find that you have more energy and clarity while your life seems to reorient itself.

This session is also great for depression, stress, apathy, grounding, and being more in control of how you feel and approach life. When you receive it, it starts a process of releasing some unconscious patterns, while it gives you more brain power and clears family and genetic karmic patterns. 

The Life Activation is a very ancient and holy process handed down for thousands of years through the Mystery School Lineage. I am a certified Life Activation Practitioner in NYC and personally receive this session to keep myself balanced and able to flow my light and power.


Activate Your Life. Flow more of your Light.

 This session is an investment in your life . The results and benefits last long after it is completed and will continue to unfold in your life. .

Life Activation - 1.5-2 hour session $250

This session includes a reading and a set of very high vibrational elixirs to support integration. 


Life Activation with Consultation  ( if it is your first session)  2-3 hours / $350

Together we will explore what is happening in your world, the goals you have for your life and healing with the steps and processes we can do to support you living your best life with the most impact.


*Tune-up sessions are optional and recommended to accelerate your progression when you are feeling low, depleted, off balance or want to bring more light into your system and life. 

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