Why Meditation?

Your mind races, you have stress, anxiety and tons to handle on a day to day basis. 

You need more time, more energy, more of you. Most of all, you need more peace.

You need a center of ease that you can always come back to when you get knocked off balance. 

Meditation is the key. 

When you have a solid meditation practice, you can more easily create peace and space inside of yourself and quiet your mind.  You can ease the tension in your heart. In those new spaces, you can let more energy flow, receive clarity when you have problems or need guidance for your creation, and relax into lighter feelings of ease and happiness. 

Meditation can help you.

This program gives you tools and tips to bring the benefits of meditation into you day to day life. 


The Masterful Meditation Program is straightforward and practical.

My intent is that it supports you in being able to have more control over the ease, calm, and focus that you have on a daily basis.





Begin practicing meditation from day 1 and keep building until you've put together a solid foundation The method you learn will give you powerful tools to take into your day to day life.      


Learn to control your body in your meditation practice with guided step by step instruction.


Breathe into and easeful meditation to take command of your raging mind and ultimately your life.


Can't control your raging mind? Think again, I'll show you how to use your mind as a tool to expand your awareness. 


Practice a full guided meditation sequence and see first hand how you can change your daily life with the Masterful Meditation Method tools. 

For $49 you'll get 4 Weeks of Meditation Lesson, Practice, and Guidance to last you a lifetime...

Here's what some past participants have to say:

I usually have trouble with focusing during meditation; my mind begins to wander all over the place. However on the day of our group guided meditation with your lovely soothing and calming voice I was kept very much on track - so relaxing. Toward the end of the session the activities and schedule for the rest of my day crept in. Then without consciously thinking about it a procedure of how to handle a certain task jumped into my head. Something that had been bothering me for a few days. It ended up being the right solution. Proof that quieting the mind will help you to solve problems. Thank you again!
— Sharon Cacciabaudo, SAG Actor

Things you might want to know

I've never tried to meditate before. Is this program for me?

Yes, there's no need to have any experience. As a beginner, you'll build a strong foundation. You just have to be willing to learn, practice and experience something new.

How much is it?

The base cost is 79$! There's upgrade options if you want more personal support. 

When will I receive the lessons?

You'll receive the full page of all lessons as a zip file after your payment is received. 

How will I access the lessons?

You will download all lessons and practice recording from a zip file. Downloading it to your computer or phone is a great way to make sure you can access it whenever you are ready to dive into the lesson. Just be sure to not listen to the lessons or meditations when driving or doing something that needs your full attention. 

How does the program work?

Once your purchase is processed you'll receive a link to access the page with all of the modules and lessons. Quick and easy. For each section there is a Topic Talk and and a Guided Exercise. The Lessons conclude with a full guided meditation which you can use for your practice whenever you'd like to. 

I'm NOT new to meditation. Is this program for me?

Yes, if you want to explore and practice the foundations and go deeper into sitting in silent meditation.

No, if you can sit and meditate in a way that you are totally happy with and don't want any new insights or practical approaches.

Can I take more than 4 weeks to finish the program?

You can take as much time as you need. Start and finish at your own pace. 

What's the return policy?

The program is not refundable. Meditation is a process of commitment and practice. Once you download the program, you will have tools to use for life. 

Is meditation Religion? 

Nope. Not at all. 

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, Contact me with any questions not listed here.