Align Yourself

 Alignment and clarity meditation sessions

virtual. monthly memberships. weekly meditation.

Align your heart, soul, and mind for an energetically embodied week with Meditate Yourself virtual meditation sessions on Monday morning and evening.  

Here's how it works:

Receive weekly inspiration, meditation, mindfulness, and motivation.

There are 8 alignment meditations each month.

When you register you receive access to 4 per your 30 day cycle.

Use them weekly, twice a day, 2 in the am,  2 in pm or however you wish. 

Alignment Meditation Sessions-- reframing the lull of Monday

Get aligned and centered for the week ahead

Mondays 700AM-730AMEST

Mondays 900PM-930PMEST

Monthly membership cost is $100 for 30 days of meditation access.

Drop-ins and additional alignment sessions $30

  1. Register to with your interest .
  2. A reply from me will send you the payment details.
  3. You'll receive a confirmation with the call-in details.
  4. It is a one-way call BUT I want to hear from you so when you join, I encourage you to let me know how it's going for you. What will support your week, what themes you want, are you struggling with some aspect of meditation, what do you want more of, etc...
  5. Things to know:
  • Membership is on a rolling 30 day plan. You can join mid month and roll into the following month to meet your 30 days. 
  • All callers will be muted on arrival to maintain the peace of the call
  • You are welcome to have soft music playing in the background for yourself but NOT on the same device you will use to listen to the guided meditation.
  • I suggest using headphones to tune in and hear me clearly.
  • Be purposeful. Let people know that you need this time for yourself and that you'll be even more present and ready for them when you are done.
  • No experience in meditation is necessary, I will guide you through.
  • There are no refunds once payment is made. In some cases, payment can be transferred to future sessions.  

Contact me with any other questions or suggestions and registration issues.