Man, you are seen and welcome here


Underneath your shield and sword is a beating heart that deserves attention.

Men, yes there is a resurgence of feminine healing but you have pain and trauma, too. It’s deep and it’s real. Most of the men I see struggle to express it. Often holding it in until they burst or have no other choice but to leap or keep it hidden. 

Men who are coming to me have decided they don’t want to suffer anymore. They may not know how to end that suffering but they are ready to try. 

They recognize the possibility for them to have healthy partnerships, to express their emotions, and experience a lightness of being that comes with liberation from the weight of their past and the bondage of their conditioning. 

They are ready to lay down their burdens and embrace a new life in the light of their own soul. They know that it’s time to experience themselves as the emotionally, psychologically, and physically healthy people the they are. Enjoying life, artistry and romance with depth of Spirit, honest hearts, and clarity of mind. 

They’ve been doing the work, reading the books, and exploring new ways of being and are ready for something more.

Something deeper that ignites the light.

Something strong yet gentle to guide them into their light.

Something real that will move those wounds, help them break their patterns, make self- forgiveness easier, make forgiving others possible, and most of all something that helps them to form a loving and healthy relationship with himself. 

If this is you, let’s talk…

How I show up for you:

I’ll be clear and straightforward here. I am not an expert on men’s specific issues. I make no claims about it. I work with matters of the heart and soul, the energies in between, the archetypes at play in our psyche and universal principles of humanity. Where these meet is in the way your life plays out. Your thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and patterns. 

The wounding of generations is owned by us all.

I hold a reflection of the man you need to see and stand at the archway as you enter the chamber of your transformation. I bring the light to uplift you. I listen openly. Communicate compassionately. Respond without judgement. And help you to feel a deeper love and ease in your spirit. I acknowledge you.

I work with men because I care about people, no matter their gender. I’ve learned quite a bit about life and love in my over 4 decades of life. And at some point, men began coming to me. Asking for my help. Asking for healing. So I show up. If you think I may be able to help you and want to explore it. Let’s talk and see. 

How does it work?

  1. I’ll send you a strategy session form

  2. We’ll have an introductory consultation if necessary

  3. We’ll make a plan for your session

  4. Begin!

What are the plan options?

Please note: I do not create a separation of men and women for the purposes of delineating sex. I do it, for the men who need to know explicitly that they are welcome here.