Reflections on International Women's Day

Woman I celebrate you. And because of that I give you this. 

Be careful of letting the prospect of inclusion and the fight for space create division. 

I see posts about international women's day subtly speaking against men. 

We loved Michelle and shamed Melania. 

Black women are questioning the voices of white women and their right to want a voice. 

Say what?! 

Woman is the essence of woman. The individual is a representation of the whole. 

Our unique experiences are a reflection of a dusty prism. 

Honor yourself and your are honoring woman. Serve yourself and you will serve women. Believe in yourself and show all people that embracing truth will take us ALL into the light. 

And above all, yes woman, embrace your strength, your wisdom and your innate ability to lead a world of people into a new paradigm. 

I love you, I honor you, and I honor myself and on this day and every day I celebrate you.