You're worthy of Love

You are worthy of love.

Whether that Love comes from yourself, from your family, from friends, and lovers. Not only are you worthy of Love but the love you have to give is worthy of being received too. 

Please know, it doesn't matter what mistakes you've made in your past. Love has no pre-requisites to be given or received. Love simply is and wants to flow to you and from you.

Especially when you feel unworthy of it. Love will remind you that you are amazing and beautiful…and yes this love can come through you. You don’t need a partner to flow and feel love. You don’t have to wait. 

It's important to remember that loving yourself is the way it begins but today we are talking about love with and from others.

I urge you to let go of the attachments to being accomplished or totally healed. Instead reach for a state of feeling good about yourself and healthy in your energy and perspective. 

Let that be the reflection that you seek and see how it can be the underlying wind in the sails of all your relationships. 

Because relationships will always be as challenging as they are glorious. And when you say that thing that pisses your partner off, when your best friend does that thing for the 100th time what will get you through and back to love is your perspective and openness to the fallibility in all humans. This is compassion.

Partnership, especially a "divine" one will challenge and support you in your quest for wholeness. It will show you your glory and it will prick your wounds. You are still worthy of that love even if you think you have more wounds than glory. 

Equally someone who may be a great partner for you may not be already healed and whole. They need only be open and willing to grow and evolve. 

Open your mind and relax your heart. Love is a flowing force than can heal and bring us all to wholeness.

When you can connect with Love and flow it for yourself you are the both the reflection and the aspiration for anyone in your life…including yourself. 

Together you and your other can aspire to wholeness and find that with compassion and a healthy sense of self you can not only become healed and whole on your own but you can also exist within a beautiful and evolving partnership. 

The thing that remains is the quality of your sense of self and ability to have a healthy perspective on life, love and the motivations of all people. 

I’ll let you in on a well known secret ;) We are all motivated by Love in some form or another. 


Love is so important to each one of us. Especially now in this erratic and strange world. Share this message. People need to hear it and know that their matters.