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My heart is heavy with thoughts of Houston among the backdrop of other random fb status updates..... living in NYC I've ways been absolutely enthralled with imaginings about the many many lives existing simultaneously yet unaware in these tall massive buildings. So many people totally in their own space. So close yet so far. What are they doing? How many different and how many the same... Now, as I come to fb to get updates about Houston, I realize that this online home has become a snapshot into the building that is this country. Whether you are a state away, a neighborhood removed, on the other side. We are all existing but in this same moment no matter the time zone or zip code. 

My heart goes out to Houston's humans and animals. The ones in danger, the ones, safe who will lose a semblance of life, the rescuers, the people who care, the loved ones far away who can't be there, hose who couldn't have left if they wanted to. 
Maybe I'm a little extra heavy with thoughts of Sierra Leone, Venezuela, America, everyone I know who has recently lost a loved one, those ill and in pain, those facing their deep personal challenges and those who are simply broken hearted. 

We are all in this together. And I wonder, I just wonder what if as a nation, and I know this is way beyond our current issue of which lives matter most... but I still wonder, what if in times like these, all people would willingly and collectively stop their individual activity and all together tune into our hearts and souls and direct that love and the power of that awareness to the area in need. 

And I don't mean in a passing way of, "sending you love", or "praying for you " without a thought more beyond the typing of the words. 

What if we, as a normal cultural way, knew the power of our collective unity and used it when it really matters.... What if we all had the strength to care more...



Zuyapa xo

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