Up-level your awesome in 2018

Hi there beautiful Soul,

This snowy New York City day feels like a good time to sit down and share with you what’s been flowing through my Soul and Mind while I was home in New Orleans easing into the transition of years 2017 to 2018. 

I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by the idea of getting so excited about a new year. Granted, I tend to search for meaning over custom when any holiday rolls around but still I wasn’t sure if I was being bah humbug. So, I went deep inside and explored what that feeling was about. 

Rhythms and cycles are real, I get that… but that’s just it. There’s so many rhythms cycles, energetic influences and the like. Yearly, Monthly, Daily, every 7 years, every 29 years. Things are evolving constantly. That’s the point of being here.

Eventually it led me to contemplate: Things evolve but what changes if we don’t change? Only the year and the season? Our age and our maturity? The restaurant you used to love so much changed ownership and the cells in your body have died and renewed themselves and although it affects you, you didn't have anything to do with it.

Is it the same with the changing years? 

I'll add a disclaimer here, that if you’re reading this, then this is not a new concept for you but stay with me because there’s layers to it. 

What if the change was something you initiated, welcomed and sought out? Not as if you need to become a whole new person (unless you want to...but that probably won't happen overnight). 

Change isn’t always a big bad traumatic thing like some would lead us to believe. It happens naturally.  Whether big or small, some catalyst whips up a whirlwind within you that settles into a new design. 

With intentional change, you can evolve into a different person: kinder, more conscientious, more disciplined, loving, successful, creative, etc… with a passive attitude you’re the effect and your experiences are the cause. 

Coming off that tumultuous 2017 I’ll bet there was a lot you both want to change and a lot that changed on its own. Am i right? 

My suggestion for you is instead of thinking about what you want to get rid of, choose what you want to keep and get better at.

I mean, I think that you’re pretty awesome and I’m dedicated to showing you that in some way or another. The more you focus on being awesome, the more awesome you'll become. 

So before you go sauntering into 2018 with yo’ bad self, look back on 2017 and take some notes on how cool, adaptable, smart, resilient, and badass you are. Don’t leave it behind to wither away with the passing 2017. Bring it forward to evolve into the 2018 you. 

When did you surprise yourself? Make yourself proud? What did you push through and accomplish? Big or small. 

What will you take with you as you travel to this new year and all of it’s celestial glory. 

Focus on that and let the rest get left behind. Mold yourself into a person you want to be. When you aren’t sure, remember that your truth will always be in your center. This is a big part of what I am focusing on this year, for myself and in my offerings. 

And of course, I'm always here to help.



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