Softening into your heart

I see so much pain being hidden behind beautiful eyes and strong words. And behind those barriers I can feel such warmth, lightness and purity longing to be released. How do these two polar experiences exist together in one person? 

Usually, one wins and becomes the protector of the other. 

Our hearts are such a precious and rich resource. And when we can soften into the wisdom, the magic, the beauty and knowing of our hearts. The entire world will open up and you'll know yourself like you never have before.

But for so many of us it's worn down by burdens, fears, heartbreak (not only the romantic kind) and all the history of hurts. Hurts from our own lives and equally the hurt that we see in the world. ..but what if there was a way? A way to heal your heart and taste it's sweetness without having to walk through the thorns of your pain? Would you be willing to go there?  

P.S. No idea why the sound gets wonky but glad it's just for a second or two.

Let me know how this lands for you.