Curious about working with me? Here's insight into my approach.

I had a client over for a session yesterday. We planned to do a negative energy clearing and cord cutting. Before the ceremony, we talked for a while about what was really happening underneath the attachment and the sadness she was carrying because of a 'failed' relationship.

Mid-way through, she said, you should do talk sessions. You're really good at helping people to see things from a different perspective. It's rare and it's really helpful. You should offer that.

She's not the first client who's told me that mid-session. So I've been thinking about it.

After over 10 years of helping people there's a few things I have a consistent relationship with (in other words, things I know to be true.

1. Energy Matters

2. Your perspective is the key to your experience

3. Support is essential

4. Real listening is a rare gift

5. A lineage of Spiritual Energy flow is crucial

6. There's a difference between awareness and consciousness

So, when I work with someone, I take all of these things into account.

For example, when you tell me your experiences and concerns I deeply listen and hear not only the words you say but also your perspective and the energy of the experience. Those are the things that will shift with the right support. So, I add in some form of energy therapy to your session to help you move the core of the issue after your awareness of it has been opened up. As a high vibrational trusted energy flows between us, it flows in and through you where it purifies the things that you have blocking your flow (mental, emotional, physical, whatever kind of flow). You become filled with new energy and an empowered perspective. Your consciousness evolves and so does your life experience.

Working with me is a multi-dimensional experience that will land clearly in your heart, your soul and your life experience.

I think where even I can find more value in the interaction, is to show up for what you need in the moment. Whether it's to be heard and seen only, to receive energy only or to have the combination.

The goal is your well-being. And if I can help you to reach a heightened, more healed and conscious life experience that will lead to another step in your evolution, I am here to.