A Goddess in hiding...

In today’s world there is a very in your face feminine movement. In my eyes it is beyond feminism. I am both intrigued with watching it unfold as much as I am a part of it with my own unfolding. It’s led me to be more purposeful in my work with both women and men and to go deeper in exploring the essence of this evolution: Goddess energy expressed. 

I came across something recently while researching goddesses and the many that we have to work with : Hidden Goddesses.

It’s not what I was expecting to see. The author had written about how the Goddess has been hidden in plain sight. Religions have taken her crown (his words), and humanity has relegated her to objects of desire and childbearing (my thoughts).  

Over the ages She has been stripped of her magnificence and active power but they have never been able to suppress her. Because they still needed her. And the world needs her now as much and even more than ever. 

So then where has she been hiding?  And what have women been doing in the meantime? It isn’t as if women have been literally locked away in a cave silently watching the seasons change through a hazy peep hole. We have been birthing generations, inciting change in social and political systems, creating waves in beauty and art, inspiring man to greatness. Women have been a part of every layer of society in every way. 

Yet, the Goddess herself has been in hiding? And if she has been hiding herself, then she must have retreated to protect something worth having. She must have also been in her full glory at one time. Have we forgotten? 

Our ancestors knew. They knew the beauty in the balance and the strength in feminine power. I imagine that they were holding onto this secret for safe keeping until She let out her piercing cry that it was time. Can you feel that cry slicing through your Soul?

They did a fantastic job, our mothers and grandmothers, keeping this tightly held within their small circles and whispered in their prayers at night. Tucked away for safe keeping out of the sight and vengeful hands of those who crush her. Sadly, often they couldn't see what they beheld either.

So as I sat with it, this concept of the Hidden Goddess, what I kept feeling is that, She is hiding in us. Hiding behind the rapes, our fears, our ambitions. She is silenced by every time someone told us that we are wrong in our desires and not good enough in their eyes. She is crushed into the boxes of who we think we should be. 

The Goddess is waiting for her moment to be released from the confines of our wounded hearts. She has travelled over generations and continents to get here and she is ready. 

She hasn't been totally in the background, it's true. She does live within each one of us. Yet in the ways that we show up at work, in relationships, for our friends and mostly for ourselves, she has been stripped of the essential energy of her power. She is off balance and we, women and men both are titled. 

In truth, she will never be silent or completely hidden. Just as women around the world have always fought for what they wanted and believed in. 

The way I see it, in my own limited way of seeing, is that over time individual women were pushed and compelled to step forward to make a difference on a specific issue. 

In this day and time I see people are waking up to a deep stirring inside and they are not only stepping forward they are stepping into their own skin. The skin that allows them and the Goddess to simply exhale, unfold and reveal herself in existence.

Women everywhere are acknowledging for themselves that yes, I am in here. I am more than what they have said I was and more than what and who I thought I could be. 

What is that more? It is the calling of her spirit within your spirit. It is the calling of the Goddess. 

I know that you feel it. We all do. It is why we are here in this moment, sharing this space. So I say to you, stay strong within your struggle to expand and seek healing. 

It won't be easy because it is essential. 

We are healing the generational wounds of our mothers, grandmothers and neighbors. We are joining together in a new oneness that is not bound by geography, space or time. 

There is a deep shared joy and a very shared deep pain within that. 

In the healing work that the Lineage of King Salomon offers, we are bringing the soul forward and anchoring in the individual spirit. So that then the movement is embodied into mind, body, spirit, heart and Soul. It is coming from the shared essence of the Goddess. Because one Goddess is all goddesses. One woman is all women. Though the reflection has variations like the vibrant colors a sun shining through a diamond. 

I want to be clear about something. Feminine power and the resurrection of Goddess energy does not exclude men and the masculine element. She leads it. She leads it with the space that is created from the flow of energy she gives.

Men also embody the feminine just as we embody masculine. But as the physical woman, this equipments works well with flowing feminine energy. 

As women everywhere develop a deeper relationship and awaken this energy within them, men everywhere will have the opening to step forward into their truths as well. 

This is why self care, healing your pains and traumas and loving yourself whole heartedly is essential because if you are going to flow energy to the world you must be able to receive it and fill up with it. Then it flows freely with natural force. 

Otherwise you are giving and giving until you are deplete, confused and possibly even disillusioned. This is when we begin to utter and proclaim things like,” I’m so exhausted!” “It didn’t work.” “Is it worth it?!”  "It's too late for me." And that takes the movement back to start. 

And none of us, myself included, is exempt. 

Healing generational wounds to bring forth a newness is by no means an easy task. 

This movement is about restoring the balance that is needed within you, within the world, and for all existence. It starts with you and will be successful just and only as much as you and we all are able to do it with ourselves first. 

So go deep. Stay inspired. And know that you are supported by the Goddess and she has your back.