Let more light in

Earlier this year I started taking foundational yoga classes. This was kind of a big deal for me because I’ve been practicing yoga since 2005. I do aerial yoga, acro yoga, and the traditional styles too. 

But last year I went through a lot of changes and noticed that my body has been changing, too. So when I started back up with yoga this year, I noticed that I wasn’t as strong as I was before.  I could get through the challenging classes, though, because I know how to breathe through and pace myself.  I still wasn’t feeling better. I was feeling worse, actually. Wound up and tight. And I was consistently a pose or two behind the rest of the class. 

Image from Renny_Sito's Instagram

Image from Renny_Sito's Instagram

Then I decided to slow down. I went to a foundations level class at Sonic Yoga praying I wouldn't be bored but craving something more gentle.

I was able breathe into the postures. I started noticing what was happening in my body. I was getting deeper and more accurate in my movements. Then without even thinking about it, I nailed a pose I had NEVER ever done before >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And that’s when it hit me. 

Slowing down, letting go of all the yoga I had accumulated over the years, and giving myself the space to rediscover it took me further even faster and with ease. For someone like me, using my body to flow the light during healing sessions, I really have to be at my best.

Since then, I mostly stick with Level 1 classes and teachers who help me connect instead of making the class feel like a race or a gym session. 

It’s been a few months now. My body is healing. My posture is better. I feel stronger and not because I am building muscle. I feel stronger because the slow and deep process is releasing the tension I was holding and letting a new energy build in those areas. Making my foundation more solid. Best of all I feel more and more spacious and at ease in my body.  

That’s how the light gets in. In the space. In the cracks.  

So this week, I invite you to find or create a way and make space to let the light in.

Where do you need more light? In solving a problem? A difficult conversation? In your body? In your home?  In your relationship?  In your mind?

The light holds all that you need to fill the cracks with gold. 

Space is potential. No matter how big or small the space, there is an opening within it. 

Let go of what you think you know.

That doesn’t mean forget it! You have valuable wisdom from your experiences and useful information to work with as you navigate your life. It means use what you know as a foundation and then open your hands (and your mind) so that it doesn’t weigh you down. 

You’ll be making room for more. More perspective, more wisdom, more en-light-enment. 

meditating woman with light from within.jpg

Let more light in.

Into the way you think about things.

Into the way you speak about things.

Into the way life presents itself to you.

It’s ok to release the tight grip you have on your reality.


Meditation, of course...

Healing, naturally I’d say that...

Breathing, without a doubt...

Conscious awareness, for sure...

Take a level 1 or even a foundations yoga class, like I did if yoga is your thing. Reread a book, watch that movie again, ask someone to tell you something about them or about yourself that you didn’t know. You can make space in your mind while you’re in conversation. 

Try this: When someone is talking to you, consciously breathe while you listen. Just listen and breathe. You might have to consciously resist the urge to think because that’s they way we usually do. Just easily remind yourself that you’re making space to receive what they are offering. Then take a moment and give some space between you before you respond. Notice the difference. In your response, their energy and the flow of the conversation overall. (Feel free to come back and tell me about it.) 

Making space is easier when you slow down.

Slow down your breathing.

Slow down your response and reaction time.

Slow down your movements.

It’s hard to hop on to a speeding train, isn’t it.

So slow down and let the light in. You just mind find a pot of gold was there in the shadows all along.