You can talk to me

"Thank you so much! I never get to express myself like this and say these things to anyone. It feels so good.”

I’ve lost count of how many times someone has said this to me.

What shocks me, though is that even in this day of abundant spirituality that so many people still feel alone and that there’s no one to relate to.

I marvel that so many people are craving a moment to simply be and let go and speak from their hearts and honor their experiences.

It humbles me and gives a real sense of joy that I can provide that for them. I mean that in the most sincere way.

Although I used to shy away from coaching and doing guidance session in favor of working with the energies only, I have learned... rather, I have been taught by those who come to see me that they also heal in a different way, when they can experience and practice being real and telling someone their soul’s secrets.

I believe that listening is paramount in my real life relationships and also in this work that I do. Sadly, it’s a rare trait. So I really do pride myself on being able to hold a non-verbal energetic space that is nurturing, supportive, non-judgemental and encouraging of truth. I can admit that.

The opportunity to exhale is priceless and speak truth.

And working with the combination of energy healing and open hearted guidance sessions, I am seeing people reach new heights inside of themselves and in their lives.

So I say to you, if you feel alone like no one will understand what is truly in your heart and soul or that people will think it’s weird that your intuition is opening up or that everyone around you is so business minded or just wants to party, I hear you. That can absolutely feel isolating.

I’d bet that you aren’t the only one in your circle who feels that way. And if you want support, an ear, guidance on how to navigate, or dont even know what you need but know that you need something, then call me. I may talk about the energy work and meditation mostly but there’s so much more. And it’s here for you. I’m here for you too.

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