Self Love

Ready to unlock the secret to self love and ?

Learning to truly love and accept yourself is a journey that can lead you to many pitfalls and lots of confusion. It’s so important to understand the inner workings of the way the light flows, how your energy is affected and what it does to your self perception.

Otherwise, you struggle to embrace your flaws and find your self getting lost in your patterns and stuck when your shadows show up… I get it. It can be so confusing. But, I think it’s time you had a break through. 

Get ready to crack the code!

In this interactive and enlightening workshop, Zuyapa will show you how to dance between shadow and light for more flow in any part of your life. 

You’ll have the opportunity to walk the path of opposites to uncover the hidden gems in your blindspots. Uncovering the secret of balance in your light and shadow aspects.

Sign up now and get ready to see more clearly as you learn to discern if a trait or behavior is good or bad, how to work with the process of transformation, and how to be compassionate and self loving at every step of the way.  

Do you experience any of these things??

Is the light of your spirit at odds with the shadow of your being?

Do you struggle with feeling stuck in some area of your life? 

Do you want to feel more compassion and self-love in spite of anything you go through? 

Feeling heavy under the weight of criticizing yourself? 

To see a short video intro visit: LINK


  • Opening meditation to center and make space to receive

  • We’ll begin with a discussion on how  energy flows and how it gets stuck

  • Cover how the flow of spiritual light affects you in both positive and negative ways

  • Short break if necessary

  • Zuyapa will then guide you through her Balance of Illumination process. Flowing into a deep dive through the pattern or issue you choose to work on.

  • Wrap-Up

  • Questions

  • Next Steps

Doing the exercise within this group format is an extremely helpful way to understand not only how to move forward when you’re stuck but also how to be ok and have compassion with yourself when you are. 

Participants find that working with the Balance of Illumination helps them to increase their capacity for self love and self acceptance.  And bringing that forward into their lives gave them so much more clarity and confidence to overcome other things.

“I was really struggling with how to love myself and be better at relationships. The balance of illumination process reminded me of where the source of love came from for me. Zuyapa’s guidance through the process allowed me to open myself up and have less resistance to finding the answers I was looking for. It truly helped me to reach a new level in my life and ability to be more gentle and loving with myself. Afterwards, I did a soul retrieval session and noticed how much lighter I’ve felt from then on. “
— Lisa Z

Together we’ll find the gold hiding in the shadows of how you see yourself. 

It is time to get unstuck from your patterns and get more clarity in your light and your shadow. 

What you will learn: 

  • How to get unstuck 

  • How to see yourself in a new light 

  • Redefine your perspective on good and bad aspects of anything

  • Get clear on why you do the things you do

  • See and choose your next steps 

  • Move forward in your life

  • Discover the hidden benefits in being stuck

  • A different way of looking at yourself and your life

  • How to let go of shame and guilt

  • How to change the patterns keeping you back from love and life

What you will receive and walk away with:

  • Greater Self Love and Self Acceptance

  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself and the root of your patterns

  • A deeper understanding and more access to compassion

  • Cultivate more peace in your mind and heart

  • Let go of what’s holding you back

  • Claim your authentic self

  • A tool and process to use forever

  • A game plan for your healing and next steps

    This class will take you through a process that you can do on your own or come back and take it again to keep unpacking the layers, unfolding into lighter and lighter layers of being.

    CAUTION: Chances are you’ll end up with a ton of new love and compassion for yourself!

This workshop IS for you if: 

  • You are ready to be free from a limited perspective on life 

  • You are ready to be free from a limited perspective on your self, patterns or issues

  • You are willing to open your mind a fresh approach

  • You want to better understand the interplay of light and shadow on your life

  • You want to feel less stress, anxiety and tension around your blockages

  • You want to see where your next steps of evolution are

  • You want to better love, accept and be compassionate with yourself.

  • Get to know yourself

  • Curious about healing or energy work and want to see how/where it can help you 

It is NOT for you IF: 

  • You don’t really want to see yourself in a new way

  • You are comfortable with the way things are

  • You aren’t ready to move forward

  • You aren’t willing to explore new territory

Send all questions or other issues to Zuyapa at

Location: Zoom (Live only) 

Date: April 21st, 2019

Time: 2.5 hours Noon-2:30pm EST

Cost:  SPECIAL OFFER  for this April Class  Pre-reg $35, $45 , $55

Registration is through Eventbrite but, hey not many ppl like fees, so feel free to shoot me an email if you want to register directly with me.

Disclaimer: This work can be triggering. Please keep this in mind if you have medical or psychological challenges. Please let Zuyapa know ahead of time and consult a specialist if, so. This work is not intended to replace your medical or psychological care.