One on One Spritual & Life Guidance

As your Spiritual and Life Guide I'll work with you privately for 6 or 12 Weeks. After assessing your situation and goals, I'll use a combination or intuitve guidance and wisdom, energy healing, and life coaching to help you go further in your progression.

This work can be done in person and virtually.

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Small Groups 

In group Coaching, we harness the energy of the circle to create a safe and sacred space for healing and awakening to flourish. Some people are more comfortable with the support of others. Group provides that space to give and be supported by me and your fellow members. 

Groups meet by skype and in person. Limited to 4 members. 

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Life Activation




The Life Activation is the suggested introductory session in working with me. The Activation awakens your dorman DNA, allowing more light, energy, clarity, strength and power into your system. All Activations are done in NYC or in person based on my travel schedule.  

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crystal healing




I practice crystal healing in the Mystery School Tradition. I use various crystals for empowerment, Time Management, Libido, Emotional Healing, Mind Healing, Old and New Wounds, Good Fortune, Spaciness and Grounding, Physical Issues and more. 

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The practice of Meditation will take any and every aspect of your Life to another level. Meditation is a process of emptying yourself so that you can reconnect with the divine energy of high frequency. Bringing that high frequency back into your life can create miracles. Learn and practice meditation with me in one on one, at a workshop or through my online program.

Meditation can also be organzized for corpororate or industry events. 

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Emotional & Relationship Chord Cutting

Throughout life you will inevitably form attachements and have chords with people who cause an emotional reaction, wounds, scars and psycholigical pain. The chord cutting is a process of realeasing that attachement so that the best relationship can emerge based on truth not an emotional charge. 

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