Space Clearing

When you clear your home of low vibration/negative energy, you are clearing your life! Provide yourself and your environment with the most positive energy for your life and your work. This service will:

  • Clear all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space

  • Raise the vibration 

  • Affirm/reaffirm the intent and purpose for the area

  • Bless the space and persons occupying the space

  • Your surroundings will now be energetically aligned to serve you at the optimal level.

 Energy setting

Enhance your home and your office by creating a sacred space, bringing Spirit more directly into where you live and work. This is done by laying down a sacred circle, followed by activation of each room with sacred geometric forms. As each of these levels is laid in, you can actually feel the vibration change and the energy rise as more light comes in. Your space is now prepared to serve you.

In addition, a temple can be created in a specially designated area, providing you with a sacred and holy place for meditation, prayer, and worship.


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