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Spark of Life-REceive healing no matter where you are

This healing session is an overall rejuvenation for you body, spirit and mind. It is done remotely while you are resting comfortably or asleep and is the only healing currently available without being in person with me.

Originally used for Priests and Priestesses to keep their energy strong, mind clear and focused and their bodies healthy while working out in the world, this energy healing is now available to you in honor of the divine nature of your Soul and the value of the life you are living.

Spark of Life is a VERY high vibration healing that will fill you and your system with light so that whatever imbalance you are experiencing can change for the better. 

It will support you in:

  • Having more energy and feeling better overall
  • Healing from illness or physical issues
  • Feeling more clear headed and empowered to get things done
  • Easing tension in your body, heart or mind
  • Better sleep and relaxation
  • Raising your overall vibration
  • Aligning your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies 
  • Having more energetic support for you day to day life feeling more joy and ease

When booking this session, I will be in touch with you by email or phone. You will have the opportunity to make a specific request or prayer that I will offer to the Guides and Angels who will assist with your healing. 

Once completed, I'll be in touch  with any feedback or suggestions regarding your session. 

$250/ 1 hour - Please ensure that you are in a safe comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for the time of the healing.  Be ready to receive and be filled with light.

$635/ 3 sessions package option

If you love have 1 session, love it and want more, you'll have 72 hours to upgrade to 3 sessions. Must be completed within 3 months.

Read recent client's experiences below:

I wanted to write WOW afterwards just to let you know how extraordinarily WOW it was. So so needed. I could feel each cell reactivating and lighting up. - Iā€™d like to book another when you have time. In meantime I am hugely grateful.
— A lovely lady who prefers to not be named
Spark of Life is an energetic process that lives up to its name. Having recently gone through the passing of my mom, then the end-of-year holidays, it was timely to receive this offering from Zuyapa. The session was done remotely, during which I distinctly experienced numerous energetic shifts within my electrical and physical body systems, as well as a flow of astral feelings, thoughts and images that were being released like sparks from a fire, which continued through the night. In the morning as I was doing yoga and exercises, it was immediately obvious that my Ki energy was very much amped up, yet in a very even and balanced way. I felt greatly revitalized, and days later this feeling remains as a general foundation of well being in body, mind and spirit. I recommend Spark of Life at any time in your life, and especially when you may be in the midst of challenging circumstances and could benefit from an energetic boost.
— Marshall L.