You’re taking a monumental step in owning your peace, power and presence. From there you can take your world by storm.
Be open, be willing and be gentle with yourself and with your process.
Where you’ll end up is linked to the road you travel.

— Zuyapa Jackson

The Masterful Meditation Method Foundations Program

On this page you can access all of the modules (topic talks and method practices) at your own pace. I suggest taking 1 section per week and really working with that element. It's one thing to understand it, it's another to embody it. Embodying it comes from experience and the practice of using it in different ways at different times.

If you choose, you can do them all in one sitting. You'll see that each section is under 30 minutes. 

Whichever you choose, give it all you've got. Let go and give yourself the gift of receiving something new.  

I wish you peace, power and presence on your journey to your true Self.

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You're all done! How did that go for you? 


Remember that Meditation is a practice. To fully master it and the effects it will have on your life, you must practice and commit developing a relationship with both your practice and your Self. This is the catalyst for your relationship with the world around around you. 


Good Luck!  


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