Your Soul is the key to the flame within your heart.

You are a divine being in this human body living a human life. Somewhere along the way, you got disconnected from your True Nature and maybe you’ve completely forgotten it. That disconnection can wreak havoc on your mental, emotional, physical and energetic state…but hey, it’s only disconnection and healing is about reconnecting.

Healing is shifting to a higher and higher vibration. As you go through this shift, your thoughts will change, you will awaken to ideas and concepts you couldn’t grasp before, your day to day experiences will change and these things will require you to be different in how you respond. It’s the quality of your response and your actions that will solidify your growth and expansion.

Trying to do it on your own by simply reading books, watching youtube videos and thinking that you “get it” is a surface fix and not True change that will propel you forward and deeper into your True Divine Nature.

Real transformation is much deeper than that and you simply can’t get around it. You MUST live the experience because we are physical, we are human matter and that’s why we are embodied.

The process of transformation is always happening. The depth, success, speed and direction of it is all based on how much attention you give to it.

I’m here to guide you through the maze. I’m here to be that example of a light filled being living an embodied life. I’m here to bring you Clarity and lead you to greater Universal Truth.

I am not here to tell you what to do without your engagement and effort. I am here to lead you, to see what you can’t see, to inspire you to your greatness and highest purpose in life. I am here to hold the light for you and whip and weave it to let loose the low vibe dis ease you are holding onto.

I am not here to sugar coat your Truth. I am here to bring you to your Truth which may be uncomfortable but Truth is priceless.

I am not here rub your feet and just make you feel good. I am here to teach you how to awaken to the best feeling in the universe and the deepest joy and satisfaction inside of you.

I am here to create Magick that will hold you up and give you the footing you need to make your deepest desires a reality.

I AM here to live my highest purpose, my life purpose and my life’s joy. That is being of service to God, to the Light, to my Soul and all of it’s contracts and to the Souls who I am divinely destined to serve.

With Love & Grace,



Zuyapa is one of those people that just automatically centers your energy whenever you’re around her. She brings out the best in me, challenges me to new heights and give me permission to settle into the space of my beingness. Her work is a perfect reflection of that energy, and her true passion for making a difference in her clients lives is apparent in all that she does. She helped bridge the gap for me between drive and higher purpose, and took “lofty” metaphysical concepts and brought them down to earth in practical ways. I’m excited for her to keep creating content, because I know she’s transforming the world, one person at time!
— Alexi Panos, International Speaker and TV personality

A tree is a wonderful symbol of the magic Zuyapa brings to us all. Constant, strong, rooted, vibrant and tall, she provides a safe place for spirit beings to take flight, convene, gain higher perspective. To those struggling in a lower space, Zuyapa offers a means to ascend through their challenges, and rise above their limited beliefs and patterns. Her access to higher consciousness and light energy feeds nutrients to the soil below and nourishes the whole spiritual ecosystem to sprout and produce more tall trees.

When I close my eyes I see Zuyapa as a tree with deep, far reaching roots, transcending the course of many lifetimes, traveling further beneath the soil than any man has ever traveled on the earth above. She is steady, yet flexible. Tall, but firmly rooted. Wise, but vibrant and youthful.
— Pat Concreaux, Corporate Executive