How we can work together

Energy Healing and Clearings

Soul Signature Sessions


Soulful Guidance

I provide private 1:1 sessions in NYC, New Orleans, Greensboro, and virtually using Skype or Zoom.

Step 1

Exploration Call - Free - Your first call is an opportunity for us to connect and learn more about each other. This way we can decide if we are a good fit. I’ll ask about your goals, what’s happening in your heart/soul and life. You can ask me what you’d like to know, as well.

Step 2

First Session - Your first session will include an intake process where we will go deeper into your goals, situation and history. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss the options for your treatment plan. Most initial sessions will include energy balancing. Afterwards, you’ll receive an email recap.

Step 3

Follow Up Sessions - Each follow up session will start with exploring what’s happened since the previous session to get clear on the shifts and transformation you’ve gone through. That discovery will inform the treatment you receive that day, unless we have already decided on it.  To support your healing and progression, you may receive meditations, personal processes and other suggestions to support you between sessions.

*Packages are a valuable option because healing is a process that unfolds as you evolve. Working together over time allows us to be intentional and deliberate with your process. As the energy shifts your inner landscape, I will be there to support the adjustment and integration in your daily life.

Individual Sessions

First Session with Intake Process and Energy Balancing $350

Individual Follow-Up Sessions $250

Targeted Care Options

Activate Your Life

Grab the opportunity to awaken a new layer of your life with a high powered jumpstart for your Soul, Spirit, inner senses and life path.

This is an excellent combination of sessions to get started. It includes your intake session with energy balancing and 2 additional sessions. Whether your intention is to create new flow in your life or to deepen into your heart and soul, this clearing and awakening combination will get you aligned, centered, and activated.

  • Life Activation

  • Negative Energy Clearing with Cord Cutting

  • Full Spirit Activation

  • Follow- Up Email with Plan and session notes

  • Spagyrics for detox support


Must be completed within 3 months.


The becoming process gives us a steady flow to continually work towards your goals while proactively monitoring your process, keeping things on track. Staying connected for multiple sessions will help you to maximize the effects of the work we do together.

  • Initial Intake

  • Energy Healing/Clearings

  • Intuitive guidance

  • Email Support between sessions

  • Special Rate for Meditations and Workshops

  • Spagyrics for detox and support

Package Options require a minimum of 3 sessions. There is no maximum.

Receive 10% allowance from a bundled rate for any package of 3 sessions or more.

unfold & reveal

Unfold and Reveal is a comprehensive offering that approaches your process of healing and transformation from multiple angles. Energy healing sessions, regularly scheduled one on one guidance for insight into your experiences, feedback on how to navigate with empowered awareness, and practices personalized for your benefit, learning style and lifestyle.

  • Initial Intake

  • 10 Energy Healing/ Energy  Clearings

  • 1:1 deep dive calls

  • Personalized Meditations to deepen your transformational process

  • Intuitive Soul Signature Guidance

  • Email Support between sessions

  • Special Rates for Meditation and Workshops

$ 3500

Interested and not sure which option is right for you? Let’s explore it together.

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